Vitality T20 Blast 2019 Match Prediction 100% Toss Astrology Report

Vitality T20 Blast 2019 Match Prediction | T20 Blast All Match Bhavishyavani | Astrology Report | 100% Winning Chances Report:- Hello Guys, here is the Here we will provide All Match Prediction Report of T20 Blast which is going on trending in Cricket Field.
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Vitality T20 Blast 2019 Match Prediction

Vitality T20 Blast 2019 Match Prediction

Vitality T20 Blast Prediction Astrology Report

In this league, there will be a Two Groups, Group A and Group B. This league is divided into two groups. All the group of teams will fight against them. After the matches will over then there will be a Qualifier match. Those Team who are located at a top place will be fighting for the semi-final. Yes, Guys, the team of both the Group A and B. Group A of Teams will fight to Group B of Teams. So Friends here is the table of Group A and B.

Group A Group B
Birmingham Bears Glamorgan
Durham Kent
Derbyshire Essex
Lancashire Sussex
Leicestershire Hampshire
Nottinghamshire Gloucestershire
Northamptonshire Middlesex
Yorkshire Surrey
Worcestershire Somerset
Vitality T20 Blast Match Astrology Report

Vitality T20 Blast Match Astrology Report

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T2o Blast 2019 All Match Prediction

Dates Teams Prediction
18 July 2019 Middlesex vs Essex
Nottinghamshire vs Worcestershire
Glamorgan vs Somerset
19 July 2019 Worcestershire vs Birmingham Bears
Gloucestershire vs Glamorgan
Durham vs Northamptonshire
Essex vs Surrey
Hampshire vs Sussex
Yorkshire vs Nottinghamshire
Leicestershire vs Lancashire
20 July 2019 Derbyshire vs Yorkshire
Kent vs Somerset
21 July 2019 Lancashire vs Durham
Birmingham Bears vs Leicestershire
Hampshire vs Kent
23 July 2019 Birmingham Bears vs Derbyshire
Leicestershire vs Yorkshire
Surrey vs Middlesex
24 July 2019 Sussex vs Hampshire
Nottinghamshire vs Northamptonshire
25 July 2019 Gloucestershire vs Middlesex
Yorkshire vs Lancashire
Surrey vs Glamorgan
26 July 2019 Northamptonshire vs Birmingham Bears
Somerset vs Hampshire
Leicestershire vs Durham
Lancashire vs Worcestershire
Kent vs Essex
Derbyshire vs Nottinghamshire
Sussex vs Surrey
Glamorgan vs Middlesex
27 July 2019 Nottinghamshire vs Leicestershire
Essex vs Gloucestershire
28 July 2019 Worcestershire vs Durham
Somerset vs Sussex
Derbyshire vs Lancashire
Northamptonshire vs Yorkshire
30 July 2019 Surrey vs Kent
31 July 2019 Worcestershire vs Derbyshire
Durham vs Leicestershire
1 Aug 2019 Essex vs Hampshire
Middlesex vs Kent
Glamorgan vs Gloucestershire
2 Aug 2019 Yorkshire vs Worcestershire
Sussex vs Kent
Somerset vs Surrey
Northamptonshire vs Derbyshire
Gloucestershire vs Essex
Durham vs Lancashire
Hampshire vs Glamorgan
Nottinghamshire vs Birmingham Bears
3 Aug 2019 Lancashire vs Nottinghamshire
Kent vs Hampshire
4 Aug 2019 Kent vs Hampshire
Middlesex vs Somerset
Gloucestershire vs Sussex
Yorkshire vs Birmingham
Worcestershire vs Leicestershire
6 Aug 2019 Sussex vs Glamorgan
7 Aug 2019 Gloucestershire vs Kent
Essex vs Somerset
Northamptonshire vs Durham
Leicestershire vs Birmingham
8 Aug 2019 Middlesex vs Surrey
9 Aug 2019 Lancashire vs Yorkshire
Derbyshire vs Durham
Glamorgan vs Essex
Hampshire vs Somerset
Surrey vs Gloucestershire
Sussex vs Middlesex
Birmingham Bears vs Nottinghamshire
10 Aug 2019 Somerset vs Kent
11 Aug 2019 Durham vs Nottinghamshire
Worcestershire vs Northamptonshire
Birmingham Bears vs Lancashire
Middlesex vs Gloucestershire
Glamorgan vs Surrey
Yorkshire vs Derbyshire
13 Aug 2019 Essex vs Middlesex
Kent vs Glamorgan
Northamptonshire vs Lancashire
15 Aug 2019 Durham vs Worcestershire
Surrey vs Sussex
Derbyshire vs Leicestershire
16 Aug 2019 Somerset vs Gloucestershire
Yorkshire vs Durham
Nottinghamshire vs Derbyshire
Northamptonshire vs Leicestershire
Lancashire vs Birmingham Bears
Kent vs Sussex
Hampshire vs Surrey
Essex vs Glamorgan
22 Aug 2019 Sussex vs Essex
Middlesex vs Hampshire
23 Aug 2019 Leicestershire vs Nottinghamshire
Gloucestershire vs Somerset
Kent vs Surrey
Durham vs Yorkshire
Birmingham Bears vs Worcestershire
Derbyshire vs Northamptonshire
24 Aug 2019 Middlesex vs Sussex
Somerset vs Glamorgan
25 Aug 2019 Leicestershire vs Derbyshire
Hamshire vs Essex
Worcestershire vs Lancashire
Birmingham Bears vs Northamptonshire
Nottinghamshire vs Yorkshire
26 Aug 2019 Glamorgan vs Sussex
Lancashire vs Derbyshire
27 Aug 2019 Surrey vs Birmingham Bears
Durham vs Birmingham Bears
28 Aug 2019 Worcestershire vs Nottinghamshire
29 Aug 2019 Kent vs Gloucestershire
Surrey vs Essex
Surrey vs Essex
Yorkshire vs Northamptonshire
Hampshire vs Middlesex
30 Aug 2019 Glamorgan vs Hampshire
Nottinghamshire vs Durham
Lancashire vs Leicestershire
Somerset vs Middlesex
Sussex vs Gloucestershire
Birmingham Bears vs Yorkshire
Essex vs Kent
Northamptonshire vs Worcestershire
Sep 4 TBC vs TBC 1st Qualifier-Final
Sep 5 TBC vs TBC 2nd Qualifier-Final
Sep 6 TBC vs TBC 3rd Qualifier-Final
Sep 7 TBC vs TBC 4th Qualifier-Final
Sep 21 TBC vs TBC 1st Semi-Final
TBC vs TBC 2nd Semi-Final
TBC vs TBC Final

Vitality T20 Blast All Match Bhavishyavani | Who Will Win T2o Blast 2019

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